hi i'm emily and i am rather in love with harry styles and ashton irwin

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I hate the word famous. It gives you no substance. It’s not like, oh that guy was really nice, or that guy was funny. It’s, oh he was famous. And I just think that– it’s just weird. I hate it.

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Top 9 Nick x Jess Moments requested by jakesamy
I had my first scenes with the TARDIS the other day. In fact, I had an argument with the TARDIS. I fell through it. I had to bang on the doors, and the doors weren’t shut properly, so in front of all the crew I went flying through it. It’s on camera. I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, I’ve broken the Tardis, everyone’s going to hate me.’
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"I feel like I’ve been carrying around this big backpack of bullshit for months. It’s exhausting, ya know?

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